Activity of the Week

August 29-September 2

  Excellent help learning the keyboard.

September 5-9

  Catch, sort, count, and graph these little bugs.

September 12-16    Practice completing the different patterns.
September 19-23    Work on addition and subtraction facts.                                                                                                           Start at Level 1 and work up to Level 3.
October 3-7  Find groups of 3 or more matching symbols.
October 17-21    Use the tools to create any kind of pumpkin you want!
October 24-28    Can you find all of the Halloween candy? 
October 31 - November 4    Practice solving basic addition and subtraction                                                                                                        problems.
November 7-11    Practice mastering basic sight words.
November 14-18   Practice your keyboarding.
December 5-9    Practice addition and subtraction math facts.
January 2-6  Click on the Starfall Icon above.  Then go to this activity - 
January 23-27    Keyboard practice.
January 30-February 3    Try beginner than move to challenge level.
February 27 - March 3    Find the Fox in Sox activity.
March 6 - 10   Can you find all of the hidden shamrocks?
May 15 - 19   You have grown so much this year!

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