2nd GRADE     

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Activity of the Week

August 29-September 2    Work on becoming familiar with the keyboard.                                                                                                                     Use TWO hands!

September 6-9    Answer questions that tell all about you!

September 12-16    Sight word recognition.  Start at level 1 and work your way                                                                                      up.  Your goal should be 80% before you move up!
September 19-23    Practice your addition and subtraction facts.
October 24-28    Find the Halloween words in the puzzle.
October 31 - November 4    Make sure to begin at Level 1 and work up.
November 7 - 11    Click on the link to Storyline Online that is up above.  Today you must listen to the story, THE KISS THAT MISSED.  What genre do you think the story is?  Write it down on the post it note on your computer.  At the end of class, stick the note on the chart by the door when you leave.
December 5-9   Can you hunt down all the gifts in each picture?  Give it a try!
December 11-16    Fun addition and subtraction practice!
January 30 - February 3   Listen to the word and find the correct spelling.
February 13-17       Happy Valentine's Day!
February 21 - 24   Work on your keyboarding skills.
February 27 - March 3    Have fun exploring the Dr. Seuss site!
March 6 - 10    Can you find all the four leaf clovers?
March 27 - 31    Keyboarding practice.
May 15-19  Can you make the animals dance?

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