Check Out Policy

All K-4 students are able to visit the library at various times each week.  

All books may be checked out for 1 week. However, students may bring a book in for renewal if more time is needed to complete it. All books must be returned before checking out other books.

*Remember, books should be read from cover to cover before they are returned.

Students at Bowlesburg School are expected to be respectful, responsible and safe. 

If any book is lost or damaged beyond repair, students must pay to replace it.

Bowlesburg Open Checkout Schedule




12:10-12:50 9:20-11:00 8:30-9:00
1:30-2:40 12:20-1:00 2:15-2:40

The library will have open checkout times throughout the week.  Open checkout allows students to visit more frequently as they have the need for new library books.  Small groups of students can be sent to the library if the times fit into the classroom schedule.  Books can be exchanged or renewed instead of having to wait until the weekly class visit.  Open checkout builds a sense of community in the library.  There are students from all grade levels working together to find certain books, reach books that are too high, share favorites, and more.  Students are expected to follow all library expectations and find a book in a timely manner.

"Reading should not be presented to children as a chore, a duty.  It should be offered as a gift."   ~Kate DiCamillo