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Welcome to the EMSD Student Achievement Department page where you can become acquainted with various aspects of our Instructional Program.  We have a strong curriculum that is aligned with the Illinois Learning Standards.  

Pardon our "dust" as we develop this webpage.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Ms. Sheri Peacock
Associate Superintendent of Student Achievement
Phone: 309-792-2887 Ext #6
Fax: 309-792-6010

Ms. Jacci Henson
Executive Secretary
Phone: 309-792-2887 Ext #6
Fax: 309-792-6010


The links below are Reading Street guidesheets for your grade level.   Information on each guidesheet includes the following...

  • Unit/Week/Title of Story
  • Concept Question – Question of the Week
    This question is discussed with students on Day 1 of the Morning Routine in Reading Street.
  • Letter Naming
    Letters students are learning and/or reviewing.
  • Phonics (Kindergarten only)
    Letter sounds students are learning and/or reviewing.
  • Words to Read
    Reading Street high frequency words. Students need to learn to read these words with   automaticity
  • Spelling (Grades 1 – 4)
    Each spelling list includes a combination of Sitton “No Excuse” and “Core” words (high frequency words that all students need to know how to spell with automaticity when they write) and spelling words from the Reading Street list.
  • Challenge Spelling Words (Grades 2 – 4)
    Additional spelling words for students who learn to spell words easily
  • Vocabulary – Words to Understand
    Reading Street refers to these words as “Amazing Words.” Understanding the meanings of these words will help students better understand the main selection story.

The guidesheets can be used with students in class as a quick reference of the spelling, skills, vocabulary, and concepts they are learning in reading. The guidesheets can also be sent home so a parent or guardian can review letters and/or words, vocabulary/word meanings, and spelling with their child each week.

Literacy Assessment Chart

Go to this link for a chart of the District's Literacy Assessments.


Download ELL documents here. 

Home Language Survey

Notice of Enrollment
Placement for 1 - 3 years

Placement for 3+ years

Contact the Student Achievement Department for other language translations.