What is an e-Learning Day?

  • ISBE allows schools to utlize “e-Learning Days” in lieu of Emergency Days
  • An e-Learning Day is a day where all sta─ź and students contnue learning without the interruption of a snow day or emergency day. Students and staff are home and engaged in remote learning!

What are the advantages of an e-Learning Day?

  • Students KEEP learning in the moment rather than adding instruction to the end of the school year
  • Days won’t be added onto the end of the school year. An e-Learning Day will look and feel like a REGULAR REMOTE LEARNING DAY.
  • There is nothing new for parents or students to figure out.

What does an e-Learning Day look like for EMSD Anywhere students who learn remotely from home?

  • EMSD Anywhere students follow the SAME schedule. Students must complete 5 hours of work for the day (state requirement).

What does an e-Learning Day look like for EMSD Blended (in person) students?

  • If it is a day where your child WOULD ATTEND SCHOOL, they log into LIVE lessons at: -8:00 a.m. for elementary -9:00 for middle school
  • If it is a remote day, you must do 5 hours of work! What does an e-Learning Day look like for students who do not have internet?
  • Continue picking up weekly paper packets. You must complete 5 hours of work for the e-Learning day.
  • Turn in the paper pack to the school and make sure to note what work was done on the e-Learning day.

What does an e-Learning Day look like for parents?

  • Help your child fill out the Google form for ATTENDANCE (attendance will be taken) -Use ClassTag or email the teacher(s) if you can’t fill out the form for any reason
  • Attendance is NOT OPTIONAL. An e-Learning Day is considered a regular day of school.
  • Remind your child to follow his or her regular schedule!
  • Remind your child to complete assignments (they will be graded) and/or watch videos!

What if I need help with technology on an e-Learning Day?

  • Email remotehelp@emsd37.org What if my child is absent for an e-Learning Day?
  • Please report your student’s absence to the school either ON the day of the e-Learning day (leave a message at the school) or call the school directly the next day to report an absence.
  • All work missed for e-Learning days must be made up within 3 days following the absences.

How can I communicate with teachers on an e-Learning Day?

  • All classroom teachers have office hours where they can be reached
  • Students can send a teacher an email or put a message in Google Chat
  • Parents can reach out through ClassTag

How does the school district inform the community of an e-Learning day?

  • School Messenger
    • -Phone
    • -Email (can be translated into different languages)
  • ClassTag
    • -Teachers can reach out to parents
    • -Local newscasts still will announce schools that are closed - REMEMBER that EMSD is OPEN for e-Learning!


A Snow Day (or an emergency day) is NOW an e-LEARNING DAY for all EMSD 37 students!