School Cancelations

School Closing Procedures

Procedures for Closing Schools Due to Severe Weather Conditions
Weather and road conditions within the Illinois Quad-Cities have seldom required the closing of schools as compared to neighboring rural areas. Because of this, parents and students should assume that school will be open and in session unless information to the contrary is officially given to the local radio and TV stations. The safety of children is our first concern and careful checks are made to assure safe transportation of students. We are aware that the closing of schools can be a hardship for many parents. We also know from experience that most students can travel safely to and from school under all but the most severe weather conditions. Even though weather conditions usually are such to allow for the safe travel of most children to school, parents who know of special conditions or problems that exist within their neighborhood should make the determination whether or not their children will attend school. Parents’ decisions will be accepted by school staff.

Since buses often run late on bad weather days, we urge parents not to leave younger children unattended at bus stops. We also recommend that parents give special attention to the clothing their children wear during adverse weather conditions.

Approved Procedure for Closing Schools
The superintendents of the Illinois Quad Cities area school districts have cooperatively developed a procedure which will be followed when conditions are not safe for most students to attend school.

  • The superintendents are assigned the task of checking with school district supervisors, street and highway departments, city and state police, weather stations, etc.
  • Once this information is received, the superintendents jointly arrive at a decision prior to 6:00 a.m. on the day in question. One of the superintendents is then authorized to inform the radio and TV stations of the decision on behalf of all districts in the Illinois Quad City area.
  • Parents and students should listen to the local radio and TV stations for information. Please do not call local schools nor radio and TV stations since these lines need to be open for emergency use. An attempt will be made to notify the following radio and TV stations:




WHTS Radio 98.9
KUUL Radio 101.3
KCQQ Radio 106.5
KORB Radio 93.5
WXLP Radio 97x FM
KMXG Radio 96.1
WLLR Radio 103.7 FM
KBOB Radio 104.9

KLJB-TV - Channel 18
WHBF-TV - Channel 4 
KWQC-TV - Channel 6
WQAD-TV - Channel 8

WKBF Radio 1270 AM
WVIK 90.3 AM
KJOC Radio 1170 AM
WOC Radio 1420 AM

  • Typically, school districts will not dismiss early due to adverse weather conditions because of hardships caused when parents are not at home. It is impossible to properly notify all parents of early dismissals that might occur during the day. 
  • If the district’s buildings are closed due to inclement weather, all scheduled activities and meetings in the buildings will also be canceled.