Creating Bibliographies

Bibliographies are used to show a reader where information has come from; and to give credit to the sources where you found your information. Bibliographies are necessary to prove that you have not stolen the information and used it as your own.

There are many sites that will help you create a bibliography in the correct format. To create a bibliography, you must gather specific information from the source you are using to write your essay or paper.

Author--who wrote the book, article, or website you are quoting.

Title--what is the name of the book, article, or website you are using.

Publication Date--when the book, article, or website was last revised.

Publisher--who made the book, article, or website available to the public.

You will need other information, but this is the basic information needed.

Not only do you cite books, articles, and websites, but you also should cite the following:

  • Videos
  • Speeches
  • Government papers
  • ....and many more

If you have questions on the correct way to cite sources, you may you Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) for assistance.

Online citation creators that you can use:

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