Retirement Planning TRS, IMRF, & 403B

403B Retirement Accounts

A 403B plan is another option for employees to save for future retirement needs. 

To initiate a 403B retirement account:

  1. Contact an investment provider listed in the Salary Reduction Agreement (see attachment below).
  2. Select an investment product.
  3. Fill out a Salary Reduction Agreement (see below) and submit it with a copy of the investment agreement you completed with your provider, to the Human Resources Department by the deadline listed below.

The deadlines for new enrollments or changes to an existing election amount for the district 403B plan are as follows:

  • December 31 for payroll deduction changes beginning January 15
  • March 31 for payroll deduction changes beginning April 15
  • June 30 for payroll deduction changes beginning July 15
  • September 30 for payroll deduction changes beginning October 15 has been retained to provide administrative services for the district 403B plans. Among the services they provide are authorizations for fund distributions, hardship withdrawals and other allowable transactions within the guidelines of the district 403B plan. To access account information and/or request authorization for 403B transactions, an online account must be established by the employee. See the Planwithease Participant User Guide for instructions on establishing such access.

Questions about a new or existing 403B plan? Contact Human Resources at 792-2887 ext. 312 or send an email

Teachers' Retirement System

The Teachers' Retirement System (TRS) website, contains a host of information for TRS members and annuitants as well as online access. Benefit information includes, but is not limited to, retirement planning, disability benefits, death benefits, and service credit, Members can also contact TRS by phone, 888-877-0890.

Please refer to the publication below, "TRS Timeline for Retirement" for guidance on retirement planning.

Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund

Eligible classified staff members are enrolled in the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund. IMRF benefits and online access are also available through the IMRF website, IMRF member services can also be reached at 1-800-ASK-IMRF (1-800-275-4673)


403B Salary Reduction Agreement Form

[Authorization Form for 403B Payroll Deductions and a Listing of Approved Investment Providers]

Annual notice to staff - calendar year 2020 Participant User Guide

[Instructions for Online Enrollment for 403B Transactions]

TRS Timeline for Retirement