TASC Flexible Spending Plan

Flexible Spending Plan (2020 Plan Year)

Total Administrative Services Corporation (TASC) is the flexible spending plan provider for 2018. Flexible spending plans (also known as Section 125 Cafeteria Plans) allow eligible employees to 1. tax-shelter eligible out-of-pocket medical expenses (Medical Reimbursement Plan) and/or 2. tax-shelter eligible child care expenses (Dependent Care Plan).

Highlights of the plan include:

  • The limit for Medical Reimbursement Plans for 2020 is $2,750. The Dependent Care Plan limit is $5000.
  • Employees will still receive a TASC (debit) card at no additional charge, plus an additional card for their spouse or dependent.
  • In addition to Medical Reimbursement Account funds, the TASC card includes, a MyCash account. When employees submit a request for reimbursement for an eligible benefit expense, the approved reimbursement is deposited directly into the MyCash account, usually within 24-48 hours. The MyCash account funds can be used for any type of purchase, used at an ATM for cash, or transferred into a personal bank account. The same TASC card is used to pay for eligible medical expenses, and the appropriate account will be debited, depending on the type of purchase.
  • Online access is available using the MyTASC portal at https://www.tasconline.com/ubaaccess. Employees are able to manage their account, view balances, request a PIN (for using your MyCash account at an ATM), set up direct deposit for reimbursements, etc.
  • MyTASC Mobile App is a free download from Amazon, Apple App Store, and Google Play for Android for smartphones or tablets. With the mobile app, employees can view account summary and balances, plan transaction history and details of transactions they have made. Employees can also submit a claim by entering a few details and submitting with only a photo of their receipt.

The monthly employee cost of TASC is $2.00. As a word of caution, please remember that although there will be a grace period after December 31 to submit claims, all eligible expenses must be incurred between January 1 and December 31  of the plan year. Any remaining funds are forfeited. This “use it or lose it” rule pertains only to Medical Reimbursement and Dependent Care accounts and is not true of the MyCash account.

Employees who are no longer enrolled in TASC, but have a balance on their MyCash account may still use their MyCash account. A $5.00 monthly fee will be assessed by TASC, and deducted from MyCash account balances.

Please refer to the below attachments for more detailed information on the TASC Flexible Spending Plan.

For IRS guidance on allowable expenditures under flexible spending accounts, please refer to IRS Publication 502: http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-prior/p502--2014.pdf


TASC Enrollment Form 2020

[To Enroll in the TASC Flexible Spending Plan]

Flex Spending Account Eligible Expenses

[A sample list of healthcare expenses eligible for reimbursement]

Dependent Care Qualifications

[Eligibility criteria for Dependent Care expenses]

MyTASC Login Instructions

[Information on how to create an online access profile to manage your TASC account]

MyCash Manager Guide

[Information on managing your MyCash account]

My TASC Mobile App

[Information on how to obtain and use an optional mobile application to manage your TASC account]

Flex System Participant Enrollment Guide

[A general overview of flexible spending plans, reimbursement processes, etc.]

Dependent Care Contract (For Dependent Care Accounts Only)

[To be used to substantiate Dependent Care expenses and accompany each Request for Reimbursement Form. A new contract is required each plan year.]

Online Request for Reimbursement Form

[Information on creating a reimbursement request online]

Orthodontia Worksheet and Instructions

[Special instructions for reimbursement of orthodontic expenses]

Reimbursement Tips

[Helpful things to know when submitting a claim for reimbursement]


[Frequently-asked questions regarding TASC accounts]


[The TASC Card features two accounts on one card. This is a general overview of these accounts and their functions.]

MyTASC Card Tips

[A Quick-start guide for your new TASC Card]

Post-Payment Substantiation

[Important information for retaining and submitting receipts for TASC card purchases, when requested]