Maintenance & Operations

Employment Opportunities
PHONE:  309-792-2887
FAX:        309-792-4637

It is the goal of the Custodial/Maintenance Department to provide safe, secure, and well-maintained facilities for all students and staff of East Moline School District.

Our Custodial and Maintenance Department consists of 16 custodians, 2 maintenance employees, and a groundskeeper who all assist in the upkeep and maintenance of the schools, school grounds, and equipment in our buildings year round. We also employ a supply clerk who is responsible for ensuring that all employees have the supplies they need, delivering mail to all district buildings, and helping with food service deliveries.

  • Director of Maintenance and Operations - Jim Franks     
  • Assistant Director of Maintenance and Operations -                                          
  • Director of Maintenance and Operations Assistant - May Ellen Turner
  • Administrative Building and East Moline Education Center - James Elliott
  • Bowlesburg Elementary - Craig Mueller and Guillermo Raya
  • Hillcrest Elementary - Robert Gray and Ronald Rogers
  • Ridgewood Elementary - Mark Hoener and Jesse Martinez
  • Wells Elementary - Don Lannen and Tony Serra
  • Glenview Middle School - Joel Bjork, Rich Shafer, Jaime Cantu, Frances Cantu and Nick Elliott
  • Maintenance Personnel - Robert Schultz and Lyle Pearson
  • Groundskeeper - Jerry Garczynski
  • Supply Clerk - Tom Bender
  • Floating Custodian - Blake Quick