As part of the 1:1 Initiative for students, East Moline School District #37 instituted specific Monitoring and Filtering practices for Student Chromebooks.  The software applications used for this filtering also provide Parental Access to their students Internet browsing activity, browsing history and keyword history of various applications included on their chromebook. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to sign up for these Free services. 

There are two applications used for this monitoring: 

 Lightspeed Relay - Lightspeed gives you a weekly report each weekend about your child's internet history. 

 Bark for Schools - Bark is a student and school safety product that detects potential problems across G Suite, and Chrome to help protect students.  

 In order to sign up for these services, you will need to know your students District Email Address, and you will need to provide a valid email address for yourself.  

If you do not know your students District Email address, there are a few options to find it.  

  • Ask your student.
  • The "Student Information" section under "Family Access" in Skyward mobile.
  • Call your childs school and speak to a secretary.

** If you have more than one student in East Moline School District, please complete this form once for each student.  **

Sign up for these services HERE, or use the link titled "Parental Monitoring Sign-up Form" found under "District Links" in the Chrome browser on your students Chromebook.