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Special Education Resources for School Closure

The purpose of this webpage is to provide continued support for students with disabilities and provide equitable access to learning during this school closure. The resources and links below include tips, tricks, support strategies, learning that can be accessed from home, and more to support you and your student during this time. Nothing on this page is required work or meant to provide more responsibility to your at home learning. Instead, we hope that you will find these resources to be supportive for your student during this time. For more direction on what resources would best fit the needs of your student, contact the student’s case manager who will be able to focus you in on specific areas of needed support. 


March 30 Parent Letter: 

East Moline School District Families, 

As of March 23, 2020, EMSD has been providing Extended Learning Kits for our students. These Extended Learning Kits are available both in online and paper formats, depending on family and student need. These kits include enrichment activities to keep minds engaged during this school closure.

We are mindful that this time may be especially trying for our families supporting students with disabilities. As always, our students with disabilities will have equitable access to all of these materials. Your student’s case manager will have access to learning materials to review and provide appropriate support individualized to your student. For more strategies and tips to support your student during this time, visit our website at www.emsd37.org to view resources for specific learning areas and related services. We are reviewing each student’s IEP to provide adequate support in light of the current circumstances. We value your input during this time and encourage you to reach out to your student’s case manager to address specific concerns related to accessibility of the learning materials provided. 

To protect the health and safety of our staff, families, and community, required IEP meetings will be held through the Zoom platform or by phone. Case managers will be reaching out to share more specific information related to your student if you have any upcoming meetings. Once we return to school, if you would like to meet with the IEP team in person, you are always able to request a team meeting. 

On our website you will find specific support resources by need, general strategies to support students during this time, and a full Question and Answer document related to Special Education services. 

You may contact me directly if you have any questions or are looking for further guidance for how to support your student during this time. 

Take care and be well! 

Jaylee Swanson
Director of Special Education

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