EMSDDistrict 37 Committees

District Leadership Team (DLT)

Roles and responsibility:
Monitor progress and make recommendations regarding the four areas of the Strategic Plan to the Board of Education. Those areas include: Student Achievement, 21st Century Learning Environments, Culture/Climate and Finance.

Members: Farah Anderson, Sheri Coder, Jeff Fairweather, Brandi Floming, Jim Franks, Tracy Greer, Michael Hawley, Emilee Heald, Kristin Humphries (co-chair), Sue Ickes, Jen King (co-chair), Casey Kyser, Chris Mueller, Kim Myers, Carrie Pilichowski, Rosalva Portillo, Elia Nunez Raya, Kristin Taylor, Rena Wils

Meeting minutes:

Standing Committees

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, the district has four standing committees to monitor progress and make recommendations to the DLT within their specific area. These committees will give voice to a larger group of stakeholders and assist in the dissemination of progress made toward our goals in the Strategic Plan. As part of their work each committee member will report back to their Building Leadership Team (BLT).

Student Achievement Committee
Roles and responsibility: To research curricular needs and standards, provide input on priorities, set student achievement targets, and keep the district and families informed on what areas are being addressed now and in the future.

Members: Sheri Coder (co-chair), Jennifer Darnall, Sarah Geest, Jen King, Karen McGuire, Kim Myers (co-chair), Kathy Palmer, Rosalva Portillo, Mary Peterson, Kelly Ronnebeck, Jodi Sierra, Kristin Taylor, Michael Zeitler.

Meeting Minutes:

21st Century Learning Environment Committee
Roles and responsibility: To research, gather input, and make recommendations on 21st century learning environments, facility needs, and technology integration while informing the district and families on upcoming projects.

Members: Mike Asplund, Brooke Banker, Kent Buckrop, Ali DeSplinter, Jim Franks (co-chair), Emilee Heald, Sarah Link, Carrie Pilichowski (co-chair), Stephanie Roselieb, Charlie Ross, Sanchia Sommer, Carin Stroup, Erik Tank, May Turner, Shelly Wallace

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Culture and Climate Committee
Roles and responsibility: To develop district activities and initiatives, recruit future employees, and improve outreach to the community.

Members: Farah Anderson (co-chair), Jennifer Green, Jennifer Manis, Chris Mueller, Rosalva Portillo (co-chair), Brian Stombaugh, Cami Tapscott, Lisa Therriault, Pat Versluis

Meeting Minutes:

Finance Committee
Roles and responsibility: To keep up-to-date on district finances, provide input on budget priorities, and disseminate information to employees and the community.

Members: Faith Adams, Jen Erickson, Tracy Greer (co-chair), Casey Kyser (co-chair), Alex Mayszak, Luke Winders

Meeting minutes: