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Activity of the Week

 Keyboard Challenge LogoExcellent help learning the keyboard.

 Fuzz bugs graphing logoCatch, sort, count, and graph these little bugs.

 Shape Patterns IconPractice completing the different patterns.

 Math match IconWork on addition and subtraction facts. Start at Level 1 and work up to Level 3.

 Cute puzzle witch iconFind groups of 3 or more matching symbols.

 Make a pumpkin IconUse the tools to create any kind of pumpkin you want!

 Halloween Candy Hunt IconCan you find all of the Halloween candy? 

 Word problems add & subtract iconPractice solving basic addition and subtraction problems.

 Sight Word Bingo IconPractice mastering basic sight words.

 Cup stack typing iconPractice your keyboarding.

 Holiday Light's Math IconPractice addition and subtraction math facts.

Click on the Starfall Icon above. Then go to this activity -Learn to read icon

 Typing rocket junior iconKeyboard practice.

 One hundred number chart game LogoTry beginner than move to challenge level.

 Seussville IconFind the Fox in Sox activity.

 Saint Patricks day hunt LogoCan you find all of the hidden shamrocks?

 Let me grow LogoYou have grown so much this year!