Welcome to the Glenview Middle School Math Department Page

During the last year, the East Moline School District has purchased and implemented 2 new math curricula.  This was done in order to prepare students for the ever-changing world and allow them access to skills and concepts that will prepare them for their future.  The decisions and choices made were based on the following set of beliefs:

1) ALL students have math potential.

2) ALL students should have access to grade-level standards.

3) Instruction should be rigorous, standards-based and student-centered

4) Interdependent collaborative tasks facilitate learning.

5) Conceptual Understanding should be built before procedural fluency.

Our goal to provide every student with the best possible math instruction is unattainable without you!  We hope that this site offers a place where we can work together to support our students.  Please feel free to contact us at kmyers@emsd37.org if you have any suggestions, questions, or ideas to improve our communication or support.