About East Moline Early Learning Center

Program Philosophy

  • Program Philosophy: Early Learning Center students learn best when engaging in opportunities that allow them to explore a variety of developmentally appropriate activities in an inclusive setting. We believe in building a working partnership with parents, family, and the community to provide an early childhood program that fosters a child’s development in all areas, encourages independence, and promotes values of cultural diversity and acceptance.

Excelerate Illinois

  • The East Moline Early Learning Center is recognized for The Gold Circle of Quality Award of Excellence with Excelerate Illinois.


  • We believe that parents are a child’s first teacher and should continue to participate

    in their child’s preschool education.

  • We believe that support from siblings and extended family members will enhance the

    child’s preschool education.

  • We believe that opportunities for learning and developing skills occur at school, at

    home and in the community.

  • We believe a strong partnership between home and school offers children increased

    opportunities to practice developing skills.

  • We believe that celebrating cultural diversity contributes to the development of

    respect and appreciation for others.

  • We believe that each child is a unique individual and that all children can learn. Our

    preschool programs provide inclusive settings that recognize children's varied

    abilities, interests, needs, and learning styles.


“The mission and vision of the East Moline Early Learning Center is to create a culture where all children are provided unique opportunities to explore and learn through play in a safe, nurturing, and inclusive environment while empowering families to be partners in every child’s learning experience.”


Creative Curriculum is a comprehensive, research-based curriculum that features inquiry, exploration, and discovery as the foundation of all learning. Children have opportunities to think critically and develop process skills with rich, hands-on investigations of relevant and interesting study topics in the classroom.  This curriculum is aligned to the Illinois Early Learning & Development Standards. Worksheets are not used as part of the curriculum.

Family Engagement

It is proven that a child's success in school is directly related to family engagement in education. Your child's success in school depends on you. Your involvement speaks loudly to your child that school is important! You can partner with us in many ways. You could be a guest reader, go on field trips, attend a family event or workshop, cut out and/or assemble a project, share a special interest or hobby with the children, write a short article for the newsletter, and/or serve on the Family Advisory Council that meets each month.

22-23 Family Folder/Handbook