Curriculum & Instruction

Student Achievement Department

Welcome to the EMSD Student Achievement Department page where you can become acquainted with various aspects of our Instructional Program.  We have a strong curriculum that is aligned with the Illinois Learning Standards. For more information about our Instructional Program, follow this link.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Sheri Bentley-Peacock

Associate Superintendent of Student Achievement

Mrs. Sheri Peacock
Phone: 309-792-2887 Ext#6
Fax: 309-792-6010


Mrs. Kelly Ronnebeck

Director of Instructional Programs

Mrs. Kelly Ronnebeck

Phone: 309-792-2887 Ext #6
Fax: 309-792-6010

Jacquelyn Henson

Executive Secretary

Mrs. Jacci Henson

Phone: 309-792-2887 Ext #6
Fax: 309-792-6010

Alan Dassow

District Social-Emotional (SEL) Director

Alan Dassow

Phone: 309-792-2887 Ext.8
Fax: 309-796-6010