Raptor Visitor Management System

What does the Raptor Visitor Management System do?

Raptor is a visitor and volunteer management system that enhances school security as well as the school building’s ability to efficiently track and maintain visitor and volunteer records electronically. Each and every visitor is instantly screened against the registered sex offender databases in all 50 states. The Raptor system also ensures that accurate and reliable records are kept for every visitor that enters the school building, every day.


What forms of ID will the district accept?

All visitors will be asked to present a government issued ID to be scanned into Raptor upon entering a school building. Name, photo, and date of birth from visitor ID’s are instantly compared against the national sex offender registry.

Who will be scanned?

All persons seeking entrance to any part of the building during the school hours.

What will happen if you do not have a valid form of ID?

No access to the builiding will be allowed.

Will a visitor have to present a photo ID before every visit to the school buildings?

No. In order to become a registered visitor in Raptor, the visitor will need to present a government issued ID at the first initial visit. Subsequent visits will not require presentation of an ID but will require the visitor to simply check in through Raptor. At each check in, the visitor is being screened against the national sex offender registry.

Visitors will need to present ID for scanning at each NEW school they visit, as each school database is individual to the system. So as to maintain accurate identification, at the beginning of each school year, visitors and volunteers will be asked to present identification upon their first visit to a school.

Who should I contact for more informaton?

Michael Ryan, Raptor Administrator at 309-755-1919 Ext. 208.

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