Frequently Asked Questions from District Employees

Human Resources

Please find answers to several employee FAQs below. If you still need help, feel free to reach out to us for assistance. EMSD37's HR Department is here to help!

Personnel Information

I need to change my address and/or name. Do I need to fill out a form?
We're happy to help you make the changes you need for your personnel file and for your insurance. Check out our address/name change help page.

How do I view my check information/paystub?
View our Skyward Employee Access resource page for instructions on viewing check information in your Skyward Employee Access portal.

Where can I find my annual salary letter?
See our help guide on how to view your annual salary letters in your Skyward Employee Access portal.


How do I create an absence in Frontline Absence Management?
Click here to learn how to create a basic absence.

I split my time between two schools. How do I enter my absence to reflect this for my substitute?
Click here to learn how to create a multi-school absence.

Advancement and Tuition Reimbursement

What do I need to do when taking coursework for advancement in the salary schedule?
See the Skyward Employee Access resource page.

Where do I find information about tuition reimbursement?
Tuition reimbursement information can be found on our district website at this page.

Benefit Information

Where can I learn more information about insurance and benefits?
Check out the Employee Benefits Homepage.

Do I have access to wellness resources even though I am not carrying the district's health insurance plan? If so, where can I find these resources?
Yes! There is a wellness resource for every district employee! See the Employee Wellness Center.

How can I get a new insurance card?
For health and dental insurance: Create your BCBSIL account. Click here to learn more.

For vision insurance: At your appointment, simply tell them you have VSP. No ID card needed! If you do wish to access a printout, create an account at and review your personalized benefit information.

What would my check look like if I contributed to a 403(b) plan or added any other type of deduction?
Skyward provides a great tool for you to see what happens to your net pay if you begin a contribution to a 403(b) or flexible savings account, change an insurance plan, or just want to see what that raise may look like! Please Note: Any changes you make through the Check Estimator do not change anything in payroll. You must contact payroll or the HR office if you wish to actually make a change. Click here to learn about the Skyward Check Estimator tool.


Who do I contact for help with a requisition?
Contact Lori in the Business Office at [email protected]

Where can I find the current collective bargaining agreements?
Current CBA's can be found on the EMSD website. Click here to be directed to this page.

What do I do if I am injured at work?
Employees injured at work should immediately report the injury to their supervisor. After employees communicate with their supervisor, they can fill out the injury report on the district website. Click here for a shortcut to the page!