Illinois State Standards

It is our mission in EMSD to guarantee that all students have access to and master grade level standards at high levels. The instruction in EMSD is based on Illinois State Standards, which are linked below for your information. These standards are very extensive and detailed, giving a clear picture of everything students are expected to learn in all major subjects in grades K-12.

Because there are so many standards, and the standards are very complex, the district's curriculum committees have also compiled a prioritized list of standards for ELA and Math. Instruction in EMSD is designed to emphasize and provide interventions on the standards found in the prioritized list. That is not to say that other standards are not taught - it merely provides a list of critical standards that ALL students must master, whereas others may be introduced and not mastered. The critical and essential standards selected will provide students with knowledge and skills that will be essential for success in the future.

In EMSD there are three levels of standards: critical, essential, and supporting. The district's focus is on the essential standards. With less time with students, the district curriculum teams worked to identify a list of essential standards in ELA and Math. The essential standards are taught often, and interventions are provided to ensure that students master these essential standards. During a normal school year, both the critical and essential standards are taught often, and interventions are provided for those. Students are exposed to the supporting standards throughout the year.