Transportation Information

Crossing Guard Information

The East Moline School District #37 has crossing guards at the following intersections to assist students who walk to school.

Glenview & Ridgewood:

  • 7th Street & 30th Avenue

  • 7th Street & 34th Avenue (not available for Ridgewood)

  • 9th Street & 30th Avenue


  • Parking lot

  • Oaklawn & 5th Street

  • Oaklawn & 7th Street


  • Kennedy Drive & 16th Avenue

  • Kennedy Drive & 17th Avenue

  • Kennedy Drive & 22nd Avenue

  • 4th Street & 22nd Avenue

  • 6th Street & 16th/17th Avenue

Our Lady of Grace:

  • 6th Street-In front of school

Daycare Information

Our buses can transport students to/from day care facilities within the student’s school attendance boundary. Home based daycares MUST be in the student’s school attendance boundary.

  • Glenview: It’s A Child’s World, Learning Tree and Aldridge Center

  • Ridgewood: It’s A Child’s World, Luv-N-Care, Aldridge Center and Learning Tree

  • Bowlesburg: It’s A Child’s World, Learning Tree, APK Academy, Luv-N-Care and Aldridge Center

  • Wells: Best Beginnings, Luv-N-Care and Aldridge Center

  • Hillcrest: No daycare transportation available

Rules and Expectations

Students need to be at their designated stop 5 minutes before scheduled stop time. Buses will not be waiting for late students. Waiting on students to arrive
to a stop poses a hazard to our staff, other children on the bus and the public in general.

Bus stops will be at locations designated by the Transportation Director.

Rules for bus riders

1. Obey the driver’s requests
2. Bus driver is authorized to assign seats
3. Keep all parts of your body inside the bus
4. Leave windows where driver has set them
5. Keep hands to yourself and feet out of the aisle
6. No standing
7. Do not eat, drink or chew gum
8. Bad language is not tolerated
9. No throwing things on or at the bus
10. No smoking or possessing smoking materials on the bus
11. Any damage you cause you are responsible to pay for
12. No animals are allowed
13. No large instruments or other objects allowed
14. No electronic devices are allowed-includes headphones and cellphones.
15. Be courteous
16. If you make a mess, clean it up.
17.No fighting/horseplay-classroom conduct shall be observed at all times
18.Remain quiet at all railroad crossings

Violations of the rules can result in disciplinary action by the school principal and/or the Transportation director.

Bus Eligibility and Areas Serviced

Please click on the school links to view bus areas serviced for that school.

Bowlesburg Elementary