Licensed Staff Evaluation

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Timelines (2023-2024 School Year)

  • For teachers:

    • Pre-conference form and lesson plan due to evaluator two days before pre-conference.

    • Post-conference form and student evidence due to evaluator prior to post-conference.

    • Student growth data due to evaluator two days before summative conference in a summative evaluation year.

    • Student growth data due to evaluator by March 1st in a non-summative evaluation year.

  • For non-classroom staff:

    • Professional growth plan due to evaluator by 10/20/2023.

  • For observers/evaluators:

    • Observation feedback to be finalized in iObservation within 5 days of post-conference.

    • Summative Evaluations due in iObservation by midnight on 02/25/24.

General Guidance

Student Growth


Non-Classroom Instructional Support Evaluations