UPDATED - Return to Hybrid Learning - UPDATED

Good evening, EMSD families,

On Tuesday, October, 27th, the East Moline School District will return to the hybrid model we used to start our school year. Students who chose the hybrid model will return for in-person learning two days per week. For students that were in-person and would like to switch to remote full time, you will need to notify your school office by Wednesday, September 30th by 3 pm. Students who chose remote learning will continue with that option until the end of the first semester. 

It has always been our goal to return to in-person learning. The reason behind the move to full time remote learning was because of the public health concerns in our area. Although Rock Island County has recently risen in positivity rates, we expect those numbers to go down based on conversations with the local health department. Our regional positivity rate continues to decline. We have solicited a great deal of feedback from our families on what has worked well and what can be improved upon with remote learning. Changes will soon be shared with all families on remote learning based on that feedback. However, nothing can replace a teacher and in-person learning, thus the move back to the hybrid model for the 2nd quarter for those who chose that model at the beginning of our school year.

We are also making the commitment to stay in the hybrid model for the remainder of the school year. This will allow families and employees to plan accordingly. There is potential we could be moved back into remote learning by outside agencies (Governor Pritzker, ISBE, IDPH, or the Rock Island County Health Department), but we are committed to keeping the hybrid model our employees helped design up and running for the rest of our school year. There is always going to be the possibility of a school needing to quarantine for up to two weeks, but we will only do so when we need to, and we will return to hybrid learning as soon as possible. 

It is our intention to share this information now so we can begin to plan for the return of our students. In November, we will again ask our remote learning families if they wish to remain with full remote learning or commit to the hybrid model to help us plan for the second semester. Watch for information later this fall. We look forward to welcoming our hybrid students back to school two days a week starting on October 27. It cannot happen without the tremendous support and effort of our employees and our EMSD families.

Yours for kids, 

Dr. Kristin Humphries, Superintendent